Security and design control. All security and design changes in the open source, public, Lynx project are designed to support the closed source Logware API code.

If the developers of Logware didn’t control the technical design strategy of Lynx, risk would be introduced for the smooth functioning of Logware. For example, the team at Logware are able to keep storage costs low because of how they’ve designed Lynx. Another example would be if the Lynx developers changed discreet code that Logware required to remain intact, through a feature enhancement or bug fix.

Even though the Lynx Developers control the development of the Lynx code, they can not modify or delete records on the public Lynx blockchain.

The Lynx Blockchain excels at critical data storage. The Lynx Blockchain is open source, allowing free access to all to audit for security and design flaws. In contrast, Logware is closed source. Logware’s code is not available for public review but it only acts as a data onramp to Lynx. If Lynx or Logware has a flaw, anyone can find it. The control of Lynx and Logware by overlapping development teams allows for nimble code management and feature enhancement.