Lynx white paper now available

The Lynx white paper is available for download here.

This press release is available for download here.

Press Release

CHARLOTTE, NC., June 18, 2018.

Lynx is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency that discourages mining for profit and runs on Raspberry Pi.

Lynx offers a solution to the environmentally unsustainable problem of profit-driven mining, because the code purposefully lacks incentives to mine it for profit. In addition, the entire LYNX network is designed to operate on a collaboration of low power devices (like the Raspberry Pi) that result in a global cost of only dollars a day; this includes mining the coin and confirming transactions. The emphasis on low-cost computing creates a decentralized, broad miner base that strengthens the stability of the cryptocurrency. In addition, to reinforce Lynx’s security, the core team is finalizing development on a modification that makes Lynx immune to a 51% attack.

According to Ben Wilson, the lead developer with over twenty-five years of software development experience, “I love solving problems and current research confirms the energy requirement associated with Proof of Work is a problem. I wanted to create a cryptocurrency that moves in the other direction; toward a carbon neutral footprint. We’re not there yet but we’re close. And the best part is that even non-techies can mine Lynx, so it’s environmentally sustainable and it’s inclusive to anyone who wants to support the project.”

Lynx was designed to have minimal environmental impact because it’s committed to creating global solutions and maintaining a small carbon footprint. The goal is to attract a broad range of collaborators who will directly benefit from the equitable and sustainable approach.

The Lynx white paper is now available to download at:

For more information or press inquiries, please contact: [email protected]


Twitter: @getlynxio


Lynx implements DigiShield

The Lynx Core Development team is excited to announce we’ve incorporated the DigiShield difficulty readjustment algorithm into Lynx. This enhancement better ensures the 30-second block-time average and provides support for low-hash, eco-friendly miners to quickly find...

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Welcome to Lynx

Lynx is a secure cryptocurrency with fast transaction speeds and low-transaction fees. It’s also eco-friendly & easy-to-use. In 2017, new developers upgraded and rebranded an existing coin (MEOW) as Lynx. How? They successfully forked Litecoin and...

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Here is the public Github repository

Wanna see what we’ve been working on? We invite those in the Lynx community to visit and review our public Github repository. The history of recent committed code shows our progress and dedication to the project. We invite the Lynx community to review our...

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Introducing Lynx

In July 2017, our development team began the work of forking the Kittehcoin project and we’re happy to announce that the resulting project is now named “Lynx.” Why did we name it Lynx?

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What to do with stolen coins?

On a recent Telegram chat, someone criticized the “new” Kittehcoin because the  largest current wallets are not (and won’t be) frozen. He/she said: “I won’t invest in this coin if the largest addresses aren’t burned, because it suggests these coins are illegitimate.”*

Below is our response to that criticism. 

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October 25th Report

So… it’s been a while but we’re very happy to report, we’re right on track with Phase 1 of re-developing Kittehcoin. (See this post for an explanation of the phases.) Here are the details:

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Time to Pivot

After doing the research and emailing with the original developer of Kittehcoin, we’ve come to a few realizations we want to share – along with our new approach as we move forward.

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