The Lynx Core Development team is excited to announce we’ve incorporated the DigiShield difficulty readjustment algorithm into Lynx. This enhancement better ensures the 30-second block-time average and provides support for low-hash, eco-friendly miners to quickly find blocks after a high-powered miner leaves. The code should go into effect on block 1,838,000 which is estimated to be on or around Monday, February 12, 2018.

This will not impact users. Your existing desktop wallets (available here) will continue to work and no update is required. As we continue our work to get on the exchanges, the mining pools have been notified and upgrades will be complete when the change occurs on the network.

Background and Rationale

When Lynx was forked from Kittehcoin (12/24/17), we replaced the existing difficulty retargeting algorithm (called “Kimoto Gravity Well”) and instead used Litecoin’s OEM algorithm. However, as we’ve learned, the OEM algorithm works well for Litecoin but doesn’t work as well for Lynx.


Lynx allows high-powered miners on the network but (unlike Litecoin) offers no incentive to stay because our block reward takes over 7 days to mature. So when the high-powered miner abandons the network, the difficulty retargeting algorithm needs to work quickly to assist low-powered miners find the next block. Right now, it’s not as efficient as we want; but the DigiShield implementation improves that. Since our 2018 goal is to run the entire Lynx network on 1000 Raspberry Pis, we needed a difficulty retargeting algorithm that could better enhance this type of eco-friendly network.