Why is my Lynx QT wallet not syncing?

By default the QT wallet might not connect to the seed nodes properly on first try and you will find your wallet failing to sync it’s block chain with the network. It will appear to be stuck. Here is the fix. read more…

How do I view the Lynx debug log?

The following video walks you through the steps to gain access to the debug log and view it stream onto your screen. The the sake of quick access, the Lynx debug log is always located with /root/.lynx/debug.log in LynxCI. read more…

How to modify your LynxCI firewall

It sure is helpful to know how to edit LynxCI in the event you have some ideas to change settings or want to play. This video shows you how firewall settings are managed on LynxCI and how to change them.


How to view the LynxCI mining activity

It sure is helpful to see what kind of mining activity your LynxCI node is generating. Remember, Lynx mining isn’t profitable, so we aren’t checking to figure out ways to make money with mining Lynx, instead we are verifying that LynxCI is running well. read more…

Can Non-Techies Mine Lynx Crypto?

Lynx cryptocurrency was designed with techies (high-end developers and programming experts) and non-techies in mind. In fact, we know there are more non-techies in the world than technical experts (!), and we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to get involved in Lynx behind-the-scenes. read more…

What is Lynx?

Lynx is a secure cryptocurrency with fast transaction speeds and low-transaction fees. It’s also eco-friendly & easy-to-use. In 2017, our team upgraded and rebranded an existing coin called Kittehcoin (MEOW) as Lynx. How? We successfully forked Litecoin and ported the Kittehcoin blockchain history to it. This gives Lynx all the benefits of Litecoin with the full transaction history of Kittehcoin. These upgrades fixed the flaws in the original coin and revived its community of users. It’s cryptocurrency from the past; redesigned for the future.

What is the goal of Lynx?

Our primary goal for Lynx is application integration. To get ahead today, companies need cryptocurrency integration in their software applications and devices. Seamless integration enhances the customer experience and gives companies a competitive, global advantage. (It also stabilizes the currency’s price.) Lynx is a smart choice for application integration because it has low transaction fees and fast confirmation times and that’s critical for today’s fin-tech requirements.

Why did you name it Lynx?

Lynx is a downstream of Litecoin and an upgrade to Kittehcoin. We chose the name Lynx because Kittehcoin has a loyal fan base and we wanted to embrace that community. It’s also our way of paying homage to the text-only web browser (Lynx) we used back in college in 1994.

Is Lynx an ICO?

Lynx is NOT an ICO. Too many of them are “pump & dump” scams which is why the market for them is decreasing. They’re unreliable.

What is the Max supply?

The max supply is 92 billion. Why 92 billion? It came down to the variable types in C++. The integer data type in C++ that stores that value has a limit of around ~92 billion, so we chose 92 billion. If we went over that limit, it would force us to refactor a lot of code and delay Lynx’s release. We wanted to remove that additional complexity. With Lynx’s low block reward, we have about ~24 years of life left on the coin which allows for (and encourages) long term stability.