Yes! We understand that not all implementations of Lynx will want the miner to run. Even though it only uses 1% of the CPU, it still may pose a security risk or use more precious server resources than planned. If you are using the desktop wallet, you can already do this by clicking the miner icon on the lower right corner of the GUI window.

If you are running Lynx on a server, maybe with LynxCI on your cloud server or the LynxCI ISO on your Raspberry Pi, you will want to insert the following parameter in your ~/.lynx/lynx.conf file.


Alternatively, you can manually increase the amount of CPU used by the integrated miner, though this is discouraged as their is no increased likelihood of winning more blocks. The following parameter can also be added to the ~/.lynx/lynx.conf file.


Accepted values would be any value like ‘0.01’, ‘0.10’, ‘0.5’ or ‘0.99’. Most cloud server vendors will shut down your node if you increase from the default 1%. Also, if you increase the value on a Raspberry Pi, it will generate more heat and might shorten the life of the Pi or the micro sd card being used.

[In future releases of LynxCI, these two parameter will be included and inactive, with documentation, in the ~/.lynx/lynx.conf file.]