Lynx cryptocurrency was designed with techies (high-end developers and programming experts) and non-techies in mind. In fact, we know there are more non-techies in the world than technical experts (!), and we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to get involved in Lynx behind-the-scenes. Our goal is to build an inclusive community that welcomes everyone to participate in the eco-friendly project. It’s one of the reasons we resurrected an old coin instead of building a new one from scratch. Our philosophy is a rising tide lifts all boats; the more people share the same goal, the better it is for everyone involved.

Enter: the Lynx Cryptocurrency Installer (LynxCI).

The Lynx Cryptocurrency Installer (LynxCI) runs on a Raspberry Pi, mines Lynx, and securely confirms global transactions. And the best part? Anyone can set it up!


This video shows non-techies how to set up Lynx on a Raspberry Pi 3. We go slow and explain the whole process. The resources you need are listed below and explained in the video above.

Required downloads: – Use this software to copy the LynxCI image onto your Micro-SD card.
Get the LynxCI ISO Image here.

Required hardware: (Feel free to get your preferred brand.) – Raspberry Pi 3 – Kingston Canvas React™ 32GB microSD card – Short USB Cable, (the 10 pack is a good value) – USB Cube Adapter 5W – 1 foot Ethernet Bare Copper Network Cable, Black

Optional Items – Raspberry Pi 3 Transparent Case – 8-Port Desktop USB Charger Charging Station – Micro SD Reader