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Main Features

We want to change the way
you think about crypto.

Eco-Friendly Mining

Lynx is a clean tech cryptocurrency project with a blockchain mined by a global network of low-powered devices and Raspberry Pis.

Critical Data Storage

Lynx has a key component known as Logware which allows any developer to read and write critical data directly to the Lynx blockchain.

Democratic Rewards

Our Hybrid Proof of Work rules ensure block rewards are evenly distributed and high-powered miners remain unprofitable.

Long Chain Security

We have history! In December of 2017, Lynx was forked from the Kittehcoin (MEOW) blockchain, which has existed since 2013.

Easy To Participate

We have eliminated many barriers of entry by creating an automatic install script to get your devices synced and mining right away.

Supportive Community

Join our Discord and Telegram to engage directly with the Lynx team as well as other knowledgeable members of the Lynx family.

Native LYNX Wallets

Setup easily, sync quickly,
start mining right away.

Third-Party Wallets

Expanding your ability to
collect and trade LYNX coins.

Komodo's AtomicDEX is a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized P2P exchange rolled into one application. It offers atomic swapping from LYNX to a wide variety of other coins.

Atomic swaps are designed such that both traders either receive the funds they desire, or nothing happens at all and both traders retain the funds they started with.

LYNX Explorers

Transparency is built into
every Lynx transaction.

More About Lynx

A clean-tech blockchain technology enabling a modern enterprise API for secure, permanent critical data storage.

Globally Sustainable

Unlike Bitcoin and other "alt-coins," our code specifically discourages the use of high-volume power-hungry mining rigs because the code purposefully lacks incentives to mine it for profit. As a result, the entire Lynx network is designed to operate on a global collaboration of low power devices that anyone can run, resulting in a collective global mining cost of only dollars a day.

Litecoin logo

Forked from Litecoin

Lynx is a downstream of Litecoin which means that we have low transaction costs and fast transaction speeds. Our downstream position also ensures that Lynx contains the most up-to-date security features of Litecoin. Why did we choose Litecoin? Their team is small and nimble like us, and they implement technological improvements quickly and with little drama or fan-fare.

Simple App Integation

To get ahead in today’s global market, companies need blockchain integration in their software applications and devices. Seamless integration enhances the customer experience and gives companies a competitive, global advantage. To assist with this, the creators of Lynx have developed Logware, a blockchain-as-a-service API for our business clients and integrated applications.

Exchange Listings

You can buy and sell LYNX
on these trusted platforms.

AtomicDex logo

Komodo's AtomicDEX is a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized P2P exchange rolled into one application. It offers atomic swapping from LYNX to a wide variety of other coins.

Atomic swaps are designed such that both traders either receive the funds they desire, or nothing happens at all and both traders retain the funds they started with.


FreiXLite is a trusted small-cap exchange created by a Norwegian team in December of 2016. They have no KYC requirements, no deposit or trade fees, and no margin trading.

They have also been kind enough to run a stable LYNX / LTC market pair and have provided extraordinary support to our community. Let's support them!

Trade LYNX / LTC


We have a tireless passion for
clean blockchain technology.


Ben Wilson

Lynx Creator
Logware Founder
Development Lead


Austin Caine

Community Admin
Tipsy Bot Creator
Web Developer

Our Global Community

The love for LYNX stretches far
and wide around the world.


Discord logo

This is where we really hang out. Come and chat directly with the Lynx developers, team members, and other LYNX holders. Get the latest official announcements and project updates in realtime directly from the team. Earn free LYNX from Tipsy rains just for chatting and being active. You can even hook your LYNX miner right into our Tipsy bot to join the community fun while earning higher rewards!

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Telegram logo

With the popularity of Telegram simply booming in the crypto world it would be silly of us not to include this outlet in our arsenal. And while we focus mainly in Discord due to the many enhancements our Tipsy bot brings to the overall Lynx experience, we do recognize the benefits of this more stream-of-consciousness approach to engaging with our community members.

Join Our Group

Past, Present, & Future

Major milestones in our history
plus a quick peek forward.

Strategic Partnerships

Growing our project network through
strong alliances and crucial integrations.

Logware logo


Logware is the first true use case of Lynx. An easy-to-use API that developers can leverage to store small data payloads permanently onto the Lynx blockchain itself, and not simply reference hashes to drive farms like other known coin storage projects. Because the integrity of the cryptography which tracks the money is sound the same can be said for the data stored. Once confirmed on the Lynx blockchain it’s truly 100% permanent so generations later it can be retrieved without any risk of loss and without maintaining complex incentive programs to drive farmers.

Software developers do not have to know about or mine LYNX coins, understand cryptocurrency, or even own LYNX cryptocurrency to work with Logware. The API abstracts and hides all those complex layers while presenting a truly permanent platform for storing critical data. Logware makes B2B data storage easy for developers

A big advantage: Logware customers pay only once to store data and can forever access it for free. Compared to traditional data storage models of paying monthly to maintain access to a dataset (that might deteriorate), this is an extraordinary technology for generational data storage.

Some example cases for the Logware storage technology are:

Raw Internet of Things Sensor Data
SSH Key Data Authentication
Proof of COVID Vaccinations
Thwarting Counterfeit Manufacturing
Storing NFTs with Zero Risk of Loss
"Backing" Other Blockchains
Encrypted Password Storage
Public Voting and Polling Results
Private Patient Medical Records
Supply Chain Transparency
Shipment Tracking Verification
File Hash Verification

API3 Alliance

We’ve had our sights set on entering the Web3 market for some time now, and today we’re proud to announce a big step forward in our mission. We’ve joined API3’s API3 Alliance, a group of over 100 like-minded API providers bringing their data and services to Web3 consumers and dApps with the assistance of leading first-party oracle solution API3. Our participation will play a significant role not only in growing our consumer base, but in building the Web3 API economy.

API3 Discord
API3 Medium
Logware API will be available across all Airnode supported chains. These include Ethereum, Polygon, xDai, Harmony, Fantom, Moonbeam, Plasm, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, Arbitrum, Hecochain and more.

Tipsy Points

Lynx was one of the very first coins supported by the Tipsy Points social crypto tipping platform. After years of community love, Tipsy has grown into a crucial branch of the Lynx ecosystem by integrating an entirely new system of block reward payments and dropping the only real barriers of entry to mining Lynx. Tipsy also allows LYNX members to:

Easily access LYNX project links and resources anytime.
View up-to-the-minute LYNX exchange price data.
Deposit and withdraw LYNX from almost any device.
Instantly send LYNX to other registered members.
Earn participation points and benefits from activity.
Earn free community-rained LYNX by remaining active.
Rain LYNX out onto all other recently active members.
Dig for buried LYNX treasures by raining out small amounts.
Play fun games of chance for low friendly wagers

East-West Magnate Cryptocurrency Investments

Lynx is a founding member of the EWMCI group as well tracked on the EWMCI Silver Index.


The EWMCI team has years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. As such, component assets (including Lynx) must meet or exceed the following criteria set forth by their research team:

Evidence of Active Project Community Involvement
Evidence of Project Focus on Blockchain Security
Network Activity and Capacity
Secure Wallet Functionality
Ease of Transactions
Ease of Mining